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Be ready to leverage the legacy of excellence at Jaipuria Lucknow. Step in to a culture that aids experiential learning. In the startup destination of the country, immerse in an evolving curriculum. Be prepared for a changing industry. Established in 1995, Jaipuria Lucknow is committed to provide quality education and develop students into successful and responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Campus Overview

Established in 1995, Jaipuria Lucknow is committed to provide quality education and develop students into successful and responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs. Led by veteran management guru and most sought after corporate trainer; the Institute has a pool of highly experienced full time faculty, duly supported by experienced industry managers and academicians as visiting faculty.

Located in Gomti Nagar, the state of the art campus comprised of fully equipped conference halls / class rooms, auditorium with wi-fi facility. The library has a rich collection of on-line as well as hard bound books and journals. Beside this, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a swimming pool and separate well furnished hostels for men and women are available.

Working on the philosophy to provide more practical exposure to the students, live projects and interaction with various experts from industry is held throughout the duration of the programmes.

Jaipuria Lucknow, the NAAC accreditated ‘A’ grade institute offers two year full-time PGDM, PGDM (Financial Services) and PGDM (Retail Management) and a three year part-time PGDM programme (for working executives), all approved by All India Council of Technical Education, Ministry of HRD (Govt. of India). The PGDM program is recognised by Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to MBA and accredited by NBA.


Students Club

Student Clubs are the main centres of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. Each of the four campuses has their own clubs devoted to activities that relate to CSR, entertainment, cultural, sports or just pure fun.

It is a credit to the mental and intellectual focus of Jaipuria students that many of the clubs are extensions of their academic and career aspirations. That being said there are several annual ‘fests’ and entertainment events organised by the campuses every year.

Cultural Club

The Cultural Club organizes and ensures participation in activities and events like Creative Writing, Rangoli Making, Mehendi competitions, Fashion fiesta, Antakshari, Dance competitions, Singing competitions, Debates, JAM, Extempore, Dramatics, Face-painting, Collage-making, Anchoring of events etc. on and off-campus.
This club will train to dissolve cultural barriers and regional identitites and encourages to build up a unique Jaipuria culture.

Expression Club

This student driven club hosts a bouquet of extra-curricular activities. Students can showcase their creativity and wisdom by participating in various contests involving extempore debates, repartee, group discussions, jingle making, role plays etc.

Expression Club, aims to develop a great sense of confidence and achievement orientation in students to grow in the fast intensifying competitive business world.

Finance Club

This academic oriented Finance club encourages students for knowledge sharing in their areas of specialization. The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars. It also organizes various finance related games such as making a business plan, starting a new venture with a seed capital, discussions on contemporary financial topics, quizzes, etc. in and off campus.

HR Club

The specialized HR Club managed by the students ensures participation in HR games, team building exercises, motivational sessions, quizzes, role-plays, in-basket-exercises, case-discussions etc. in and off campus.The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club organizes and ensures participation in marketing events like Ad Mad Show, Quizzes, Selling a product, Logo formation etc. in and off campus.The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars.

Sports Club

The Sports Club organizes and ensures participation in games like Table-Tennis, Basket-ball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tug-of-War, Soccer, Caroms, Chess etc. on campus and prepares students for off-campus participation.

Music Club: Euphony

The Music Club, Euphony is a platform that aims at identifying the unexplored talent of the music lovers and sharing what we all admire the most- Music. The overall focus of the club is to learn and spread the essence of music among the students with a motive to enhance musically.

The club functions with a philosophy that-“If there is anything else to life, it is Music”.

It is a rolling club with a mix of first year and second year students with no end to carry on an individual’s passion for music. The relaxing rhythms, the instrumentals, the genre and the vivacious singing will get us all into the real insight of the music world. The propensity of songs ranges from classical to rock to display different talents and interests of the students with some definite favourites at various events that will be organised by the club.


Upcoming Events

Past Events

Executive Program

Today’s professional world is full of challenges and managers and executives need to continuously educate and update themselves about the changes and evolving management practices in order to face new challenges. Organizations need to be more human resource oriented because it is the human resource capital that plays a dominant role in helping the organizations achieve their goals. Jaipuria Lucknow wants to play a key role by imparting training and development to managers and executives through its various programs.

The Executive Education Programs at Jaipuria Lucknow are specifically designed to add knowledge, insight, and skills to the participants and facilitate their personal contribution to the future success of the organizations they come from. Each program provides the participants with an opportunity to access contemporary thinking, exchange ideas and gain insights from a diverse range of peers, practitioners, and experts.

The activities of executive education include management development, leadership development, faculty development, advisory services, learning at work programs, and consultancy. Its major programs are:

  • Management Development Programs (MDPs)
  • Leadership Development Programs (LDPs)
  • Extended General Management Programs for Executives (EGMPs)
  • Customized In-Company Programs (CICPs)
  • Executive Development Programs (EDPs)
  • International Executive Education Programs (IEEPs)

Our mission at Jaipuria Lucknow is, thus, to help organizations achieve their goals by expanding their leadership capability. Addressing the growing need for comprehensive leadership development, we prepare professionals, managers, administrators, and executives to face new challenges of the competitive business environment and achieve their personal and professional goals by helping them update their existing knowledge, learn new concepts, explore good management practices, get exposure to critical new perspectives, and develop new competencies and skills.

We, therefore, aim at helping professionals recognize the need for leadership in the changing environment, be aware of organizational competitiveness, appreciate professional complexities as well as interdependencies in various functional areas in an organization, and understand the function of innovative approaches in management and leadership in transforming organizations. In addition to MDPs, LDPs, EGMPs, EEC also conducts various tailor-made programs for both corporate and non-corporate organizations including public and private companies. It caters to the specific training needs of the client organization by providing free consulting services.


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EOA REPORT 2019-20


Academic Council

Prof. S P Singh
Vice Chancellor
University of Lucknow
Northern Regional Officer
A.I.C.T.E. Kanpur

Mr. Alok Ranjan
Former Chief Secretary U.P

Prof. Abhijit Bhattacharya
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Mr. Sanjeev N. Chaube
Business Head HDFC Ltd. Lucknow

Mr. Paritosh Joshi
(President-Alumni Association)
Reginal Head UP and Uttaranchal  Business Banking
ICICI Bank Ltd.

Mr. Bibhas Kumar Srivastava
Former Executive Director
Corporation Bank

Mr. Gurpreet Singh
Regional Head, Titan Company Ltd.

Prof. Ajit Prasad
Indian Institute of Management

Mr. Amiy Ket Singh,
Chief Manager
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Dr. Dheeraj Mishra
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Dr. Kavita Pathak
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Dr. Masood H. Siddiqui
Associate Dean (Research)
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Dr Rajkumar Ojha
Associate Dean (Academics)
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Dr. Shubhendra S. Parihar
Associate Dean (Student Welfare)
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Prof. Shyam Ji Mehrotra
Jaipuria Institute of Management

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