Sales- and why is it the domain that guarantees speedy climb to successful career growth?

A conversation with Alumnus Hemant Madhwani, of Class 2013 of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Hemant, an alumnus of 2013, a voracious sales guy with a strong business acumen, recalls his days at BookMyShow. A man with unstoppable ideas- Hemant, just walked up to Mr. Ashish Hmerajani, the CEO and founder of BookMyShow and proposed on taking over Townscript- an organization that was founded in 2014 by Sachin Sharma and Sanchit Malikto, and provides ticketing and planning services for workshops, conferences, exhibitions and adventure events.

Mr. Ashish, the CEO of BookMyShow is really an inspirational man. He does not dismiss any idea coming from his team! He is always open to critical feedback and healthy propositions. He listened to what I have to say and asked for a complete study. And within 2 months newspapers and media houses had news flashing all over- BookMyShow has picked up 75% stakes in Townscript,” says Hemant.

After working for 5.5 years at BookMyShow as Business Development Head and thereafter, as Head Business Development of Townscript. Hemant currently is in Auckland, New Zealand, working with Collection House Group. And we had the opportunity to converse with him about his career moves, his game plans and suggestions for latest graduates who are looking forward to enter the Sales industry in the quest of success.

“First and foremost, I strongly believe in the Sales domain. I am a Sales guy from heart and I would say, no other domain allows you success at the pace Sales does. You cannot expect the company to give you growth unless you are ready to bring money to your organization through your work. And that is precisely why we Sales people start earning in larger digits from quite early in our careers,” remarks Hemant. According to him, Sales is a profile that brings out the best in you. From Communication skills to your people skills, from foresight to logical thinking, Sales require a man to be in his best- every single day and Hemant rates Sales a Ten on a Ten as a domain simply because of the intellectual stimulation and satisfaction it brings on the table.

He still remembers his first-day encounter with one of his colleagues in Jaipuria Institute of Management. “He was the first person I encountered at Jaipuria and we started talking. He told me at the very beginning that he does not wish to work at Sales- no matter what! And I told him that very day, you got some tough time ahead!” He graduated to join a good Sales profile even after he repeatedly went on rejecting Sales offers in the beginning. Fortunately, “my point stayed,” says Hemant who had himself come to the Jaipuria classroom with 4 years work-experience.

Hemant is a strong advocate of Communication skills. He thinks, “These days, we often mistake Communication skills to be synonymous to speaking English fluently. No! Communication can be done in any language and often times, it is also your body language that communicates on your behalf. I personally know a lot of Directors and CEOs who prefer speaking in their native language. As long as you are getting your thoughts communicated with confidence, you are an effective communicator.” And it’s his communication skills and love for Sales that Hemant thinks has gotten him where he is today.

10 years since graduation- Shreyasee fondly recalls her days at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida; as a topper, a student, a friend and an aspiring professional

As we took the elevator to reach ESQ Business Services floor where Shreyasee Sinha, the Assistant Manager & Delivery Support Officer sits, we were mulling over our last encounter with her. It was the annual alumni meet of Jaipuria Institute of Management. We remembered her as the topper of Class 2010 with a voracious appetite for success. She had spoken to us for full 30 minutes about what it takes to make one’s mark felt in the domain of Sales and Marketing- post a PGDM education and what a delightful conversation it was! We were expecting to meet the same person- only more successful this time. And as the elevator door slid open- there she was, extending her hand to welcome us once again.

Shreyasee has been the kind of student at the B-school who never wanted to settle for anything but perfection. She left no opportunity slip her by for the two years of her PGDM. In fact, alumnus Swapnil Tiwari and Shreyasee had together initiated the first ever Marketing Club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida which is now one of the most active student driven committees of the B-school and the first thing Shreyasee asked as we stepped into her office was- “how is the club working now? Are we in good hands?”

Having specialized in Marketing, Shreyasee’s work primarily revolved around the domain of Sales and Marketing.  She started with All e Technologies and went on climbing the subsequent rungs of the ladder. With a very cohesive outlook towards problems and their solutions, in no time did she start making her natural passion for the domain translate into successful projects’ delivery for client like Pepsico.

Shreyasee’s perception towards Marketing as a domain is straightforward and simple. “You got to be agile and analytic in your approach if you want to make room for yourself in this space. There’s intense competition and of course, it is not going to be easy ever, so whatever you do, you got to do it very well or you will remain mediocre as a performer,” she explains. And having spent 2 eventful years with All E and 6 years at ESQ as Assistant Manager, Shreyasee moved to Mindteck that provides product-engineering solutions and IT services to several Fortune 100 companies, universities and government agencies across the world, this January, 2019.  She is currently the Project Manager- Global Services Delivery & Infra and it has been 4 months since.

As we asked her about her fondest memories during Jaipuria days, she recalls fondly about the first outing with her friends at the B-school. “We were 12 of us who went to Shipra Mall in Noida to bond over burgers. We spent hours chatting, losing track of time and by the time we started for the hostel- there was no commutation available. We remember walking 2kms at a stretch to reach campus and the friendship we forged in that walk- stayed with us throughout.” According to Shreyasee, “Jaipuria has all the ingredients it takes to help you with the correct Launchpad for your career. Even a decade back when we were attending the B-school, our professors used to adopt some of the most innovative forms of teaching to make the classroom experience exceptional. I worked with them for a long time even after graduating- on various projects and I must say, their unique perspective to subjects and sectors helped me evolve as a professional,” concludes the alumnus who feels extremely proud to see how far her B-school has come over the years.

Down the memory lane with Jaipuria Alumnus – Devyani Sinha, Global Head Human Resources, Nucleas Software

Ms. Devyani reminisce the decade back story at Jaipuria “In those days, when we used to enter the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow campus we had to walk roughly a distance of 500 mts. before reaching our classrooms. And during that walk, we used to come across the campus Maggi point, where an old gentleman used make the tastiest Maggi I have ever tasted,” recalls Devyani as she talks about some of the fondest memories from her days at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. As a part of the second Batch of Jaipuria, Lucknow, Devyani Sinha the Global Head Human Resources (VP), Nucleus Software has some amazing stories to narrate. And we could not resist the temptation of gathering around her and sit down over a steaming cup of coffee to hear her talk of what the initial years of Jaipuria, Lucknow was like and how the B-school has evolved in the last two decades.

The Class of 1996-1998 used to study in the class that was situated within Seth M.R. Jaipuria school campus. “ The B-school was at its did not have its own building at that point in time. It was all very new- a new set-up; initial days. It was almost like going back to school days,” mentions Devyani with a bright smile on her face. “And imagine how far we have come now! There is hardly any Ranking in the Indian B-school space that does not recognise Jaipuria Institute of management, Lucknow to be among the leading B-schools of the country today,” adds the alumnus who was taken aback when she had returned to her B-school in the year 2008- a decade after graduating from its premises.

Devyani illustrious career covers TCS, Onicra, Usha Com and NEC’s HR offices prior to taking the office of the Global Head Human Resources VP at Nucleus Software in the year 2017. In fact, Devyani spent 9 years at NEC Technologies India Ltd. as General Manager- HR (Lead) before making the big bold career move. Clearly, she has seen HR evolve as a domain in the Indian landscape and with each change, Devyani has ensured to keep aligning her skill sets with that of her professional goals as well. Starting as a mid-level manager HR in 2000, Devyani has climbed from strength to strength and she thinks- “agility, flexibility and a killer survival instinct are critical to help one find their feet in the world of Human Resources.”

Devyani’s work revolves primarily around looking for strategies and activities around how to increase inflow of talent and how to reduce outflow of talent from the organization. Her work in daily basis includes operational and strategic involvement alongside building business and client relationship. And in all of these “the Jaipuria education comes handy till date because we were taught the fundamental principals of managerial subjects in ways we just cannot forget. There was tremendous thrust upon the concept of learning by practicing. I remember Prof. Luthra who used to pay attention to students’ weak and strength areas individually. In fact, she used to call me during lunch hours and ask me to speak on any topic under the sun for a stretch of 10mins and exercises like that leave long lasting impact in young minds in unimaginable ways.”

Devyani last visited the campus 3 months back and was thrilled by the energy of the students and the pace with which the campus has grown over the years. “I was overwhelmed to see the kind of work Jaipuria Institute of Management is doing to give India some really brilliant leaders of tomorrow,” she says.

Working with 5 brands, gaining 10 years’ experience in HR- alumnus Gaurav Tripathi talks about his B-school and the journey so far

Be it recruitment, employee engagement, training, talent management, employee relations, campus recruitment or organizational development Gaurav Tripathi has tested the waters of Human Resources in almost every capacity. An alumnus of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida’s PGDM Class 2007-2009, Gaurav has worked for four renowned organizations before joining LOTS Wholesale Solutions as Senior Manager, HR in September 2017.

The man is absolutely charming. Beside the decade long experience that he brings to the table, Gaurav has an air of integrity around him and the first few minutes of conversation is enough to make you realize that you are talking to a man who is extremely passionate about the work he does. And in the words of his colleague Mr. Vaibhav Goyal, Head – Retail Ops – People at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited, “Gaurav as a professional has his ears to the ground always and this habit of his has helped him to gain respect amongst the front end employees of the organization. He always approaches things with a solution in mind.” Aren’t those exactly the Must Have’s for a successful Human Resources professional!

Gaurav Tripathi joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in the year 2007 and by the time he was wrapping his PGDM he was already hired by Godfrey Philips India Ltd. as a HR Executive. Since then, his professional journey had no looking back. Having spent 1 year and 5 months at Godfrey, Gaurav made a strategic move to Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. He joined as a Regional HR (North) in 2010 and handled MFL brands like Louis Philippe, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England, Planet Fashion & People. A promotion awaited and within 2.5 years, he was made the Asst. Manager HR. Gaurav spent 4 years at the organization and in the year 2014, interviewed with Pantaloons and was instantaneously absorbed by the company in the office as Deputy Manager HR before Gionee India happened in 2016. Needless to say, by the time Gaurav was looking for his next big move- he already had experiences gathered from three major sectors- Hospitality, FMCG and the Retail. Of course, you cannot stop talents like Gaurav Tripathi from shining bright in whatever they do!

But how did Jaipuria Institute of Management really helped this HR professional make his mark in the domain? “Well, while my BBA taught me the theories, my PGDM helped me with an active and experiential learning ecosystem. The Jaipuria pedagogy is full of with Live projects, group works, case studies, simulations, business games, internships and exchange programs. We were taught by some of the best minds in the world of management- both inside and outside the classrooms. Every bit of my 2 years at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida had me broaden my horizon of knowledge and understanding.”

Having said that, is college life all serious and no fun? As Gaurav would say, “I keep returning back to my B-school almost every second month. I interact with the juniors, meet my faculty, explore possibilities of alumni engagement, yet amidst all that, every time I pass those corridors or the residential blocks, I think of the nights we have spent in groups prepping for last minute assignments, drinking tea, fighting over extra rasgullas over dinner and what not! Those were definitely the best days of my life!”

So what would the alumni suggest to other aspiring professionals trying to find their feet in the competitive sector of Human Resources? “Push yourself to go beyond the textbooks. If you want to survive in HR, you got to be highly sensitive about cultures and learn to adjust and respect diversity. Also, it is essential that you learn t understand the organization first before you start to zig things in it. And of course, just 2 months summer internship is not enough to prepare you for the corporate milieu. Take up Live projects and real life case studies- beyond what is being taught in the classroom. Your ‘extra’ will decide where you land in life!”

A Life-changing Experience & a successful outcome – Alumni Joshita Tandon, Chief Manager – HR at SRF Limited, Reminisces her Journey!

Joshita Tandon, a native of Lucknow and an alumnus of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow shares how her exploration across the Human Resource field has defined her experience as a student.

Joshita, a 2006-2008 batch graduate is Human Resources major, minoring in Management Studies. But her favorite class was that of her specialization – an interactive class that gave her insight into what it means to be successful by being empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and focused on your goals. She believes that these are certain skills that nobody teaches you, but they’re instilled only when you seek guidance from your professors, interact with seniors, and experience it first-hand.

“Recalling my first semester in Jaipuria Institute of Management, it wasn’t an extraordinary start. I stepped in as a student, but as I sailed through the course, I passed out as a professional. With a shallow understanding level towards Human Resource as a subject, I had to constantly seek guidance from my professors, fellow students, and senior batch-mates – just to ensure that I’m at the right place. Hard-work, perseverance, and self-confidence gradually became the driving force for me,” comments Joshita.

Lucky amongst the rest, Joshita was hired at SRF Limited through the campus placement. Since then, there’s not been a day when she wouldn’t credit Jaipuria Institute of Management and her faculty members for grooming and preparing her for the workplace environment. As a piece of advice, Joshita shares, “There are going to ups and downs through this journey of getting into a premier institute and graduating as a thorough industry-fit individual. But, do not lose hopes and never give up. The secret to clearing any interview is to be original, do not second-guess yourself, your opinions, or your perspectives. While the job market is tight, do not get lured by attractive offers. Stick to your specialization and grow in the same stream. The right organization will find you a the right time.”

Currently hustling between three different job roles – Managing HR functions for two offices and working as an HR Analytics consultant, she firmly believes on accepting the rough edges that come across the way with utmost grace, and refining the same for better career growth. Walking down the memory lane, as one of the most remarkable memories that she recollects is the day of her Convocation. To this, she adds, “Not only has the college been a huge contributor in my life, but also the faculty members who have constantly provided their valuable advice, opportunities, and support. For the kindness I have received, I only wish to carry forward the legacy and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Parting Conversation

She firmly believes that a PGDM program is like a lifetime learning experience, no regrets, only learning. “If you are lucky to get through a college of your dreams for pursuing masters, I recommend you to take it up without any fear. Bear in mind, unless you expose yourself to a new environment, you’ll have nothing to learn, and no opportunity to grab. In my case, learning HR functions was a whole new challenge, but it is also a subject that has matured me with time. So, don’t quit half way. Success will automatically follow,” comments Joshita.

Green ticks, green ticks and green ticks on the career bucket list. Bhavana Tandon and her journey post Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Bhavana Tandon was graduating from Jaipuria Institute of Management in the year 2014 and in her graduation ceremony, she had stated one thing clearly to her friend and family- “I see myself at par and competing with IIM graduates henceforth.” It has only been 4 years since then and Bhavana’s career has been witnessing meteoric rise. The young girl has taken three distinct moves in 48 months, each being better from the other.

Baffled by her speed to success- we recently interviewed Bhavana over a cup of coffee, cookies and heartfelt laughter at her home. Bhavana looked immensely relaxed, happy and contented but the fire in her eye- had gotten us amazed. For a girl in her mid twenties, Bhavana is clear and cut-to-the-point about her career goals. In fact, she has always been clear since she remembers. Prior to starting her PGDM journey with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, Bhavana was already “The Best All-Round Student” of Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.

Within the span of two years of her PGDM itself, she rose to the position of the student VP of the Finance Club, Core Leader of the HR club, published various papers and articles around Finance, stood as the runner up of the “Six Feet Under”, attended the national Workshop on the Global Economy organized by the B-school, completed a compelling summer project with Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd., emerged with the highest CGPA in her Finance specialization, so on and so forth. For a girl like her- a little training and some good mentorship was enough to do the charm. And so it did!

She walked out of the Jaipuria Noida campus with a placement offer from L&T Finance. She joined the company as a Management Trainee in the Mumbai office and within 8 months was made a Business Credit Analyst and shifted to the city of her choice- Delhi. Where others take a year or two conveniently to make the rise, Bhavana had it in 8 months. “After having the taste of both Branch & HO, I could finally move into the Small & Medium Enterprises Department of L&T Finance Ltd. at the Regional Office, Delhi and that had me immensely excited. The SME sector had me hooked to it since a very long time,” says Bhavana passionately. Two years passed in a whizz with L&T and she decided to shift her base to a more handsomely paying and gratifying opportunity.

In March, 2016 when Bhavana was contacted by Hero Fin Corp, her life had a big change ahead of her. They gave Bhavana the opportunity to join them as an Associate Credit Analyst where she had to sanction the Credit Facilities to SMEs which included clients within and outside the ecosystem. Not just that- she had to head a team. “When I reached Hero Fin Corp, I realized I have to pull my Jaipuria classroom lessons back from my memory to withstand the challenge ahead of me,” she adds. For the first time in her professional life, she had to head a team and she was nervous, but “I had a very good management education backing me there- my professors had taught me to be a sustainable leader whereas others were taught to merely lead.”

Currently Bhavana made another big jump to Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. and is the Area Credit Senior Manager. She deals with big ticket size loans ranging from Rs. 7.5 Crs to Rs. 15 Crs (Mortgages-LAP and Housing Segment) for North Region and as she hands us over the news, she remarks- “my career has been so far, so good.”

You do not need to be a B.Tech. to make friends with Technology,” says alumna Deepti Mehra, the Head Digital and International Marketing at Micromax Informatics Ltd

Deepti Mehra graduated from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow in the year 2005 with specializations in Marketing and Finance. And little did Deepti know during those days- what destiny had in store for her. “I was one of the most notorious students from Class 2005, really” says Deepti with an air of candour around her. “In fact, a lot of my professors still remembers me that way,” adds the alumna who is now heading one of the most critical offices of the 100 crores revenue generating consumer electronics company- Micromax.

When Deepti was graduating as an MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, the world of advertisement had not really shifted to digital. The online revolution was approaching- but at a slow and steady pace. There were a lot of things that had to be tried, understood and tested “and I trained myself personally. There were no electives around Digital Marketing those days in MBA schools. Yes, we had very amazing professors in Marketing but the space was still dominated by newspaper, television and radio primarily, states Deepti as she begins to explain how her typical day at work as a looks like.

“It is a false notion that you need to be an engineer to understand technology. If you have to do justice to any new technology and as a matter of fact, any brand absolutely- you simply need to have the power of imagination in you; a foresight or empathy towards your consumer. And that’s exactly what we follow at Micromax when we sit down to create a product or strategise its marketing plan,” explains the girl who had once been the heart beat behind various successful events hosted by Jaipuria, Lucknow during her MBA days.

So how does a campaign really see the light of the day? “Well a lot goes behind the fabulous ads or the heard-hitting copies that you see across the country and overseas when top brands are concerned,” answers Deepti while pulling out some great advice for student aiming to gun high in the world of advertisements and PR. “Keep the pulse of the market in mind when you think of the kind of communication you want for the product at hand. For instance, if you are launching a new mobile, try to understand what might excite your customer about the new phone- is it the screen? Is it the ROM? Or the RAM? Or the battery life of the phone? And then- get into drawing the campaign. As to what you want to say to add to the excitement.” However, the task does not end there. “You have to then figure out the platforms or catchment areas. In case of digital marketing- the channels are varied. Facebook, Twitter, LinkediIN, Youtube, Snapchat, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, so on and so forth. You need to choose your platforms properly because your RoI depends massively on this part of your campaign. And this the number driven part and needs a lot of pre-calculated metrics. However, things become easier as you keep gathering experience,” concludes the Head Digital and International Marketing at Micromax Informatics Ltd.

Becoming the Territory Manager at FedEx Express – Jadumoni Das, PGDM 2015, Jaipuria Noida

“People. Service. Profit. We call that PSP in FedX and I think I sort of got that right,” says Jadumoni Das pulling away from the gravitas of the question pointed at him. He was in a light-hearted mood and why won’t he! He had just wrapped a long tedious day at work when we arrived at his office with a bunch of questions to ask.

Let us begin by introducing the man. Jadumoni’s native place is in Assam but he was only 18 when he left the beautiful land of eri and muga. He had BBA in mind and WBUT found his application perfect. 3 years in Kolkata, amidst BBA curriculum, internships, assignments and grades, Jadumoni did not forget the bigger picture. He wanted to do his MBA from a B-school that would put him in the map of big things! And, he made it just in time to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida campus. It was 2013. Yet a lot was left to achieve. To begin with: a top-of-the-line industry placement.

“2 years of PGDM taught me a lot of things but the most important of what I learnt was- to not let go of opportunities,” suggests Jadumoni who started it at the executive level in FedEx and is now the Territory Manager at FedEx Express. He further adds, “just throwing my two penny here- what might often look very trivial and insignificant as an opportunity to you can just be the table turner of your life. The cultural fests, the conclaves, the internships, the golgappa stall at the startup fest, all of it are great deal important. You should and you must be an active participant in everything. These 730 days of your life that you will spend in Jaipuria will decide a lot for you and I vouch from my experience- there are opportunities awaiting you at every door you knock in this b-school.”

Jadumoni outshone other candidates who had sat for the FedEx interview in the year 2015. He had confidence to fall back on but his major enabler was his communication skills. “I carefully chose my specialization and I had picked Marketing & Operations simply because I wanted to settle in a company like FedEx. I honed my theoretical knowledge and complimented it with an internship with ITC” explains the alumnus. ITC was just launching its popular deodorant line- Engage and in the PGDM summer break, Jadumoni took off to Dehradun.

At ITC, he was assigned the task of identifying the loopholes in the distribution channel of the Dehradun region. He also had to figure out the problem set of retailers, maintain the daily sales report (DSR). He covered more then 300 new retailers in Dehradun region within a span of 20 days. “A spirit we are trained to nurture from the beginning at Jaipuria,” adds Jadumoni. At his interview with FedEx, this sheer passion and commitment to work shone out loud! The logistics company immediately hired him.

As a goodbye question, we asked this jocund man- what does he miss the most about Jaipuria life? “My friend Jagpreet Singh and the cricket ground which was very close to the girls’ hostel,” remarks Jadumoni while waving at us.

The Founding class graduate- Anshumal Dikshit. His 20 years. 5 industries. 1 dream project.

When you meet the 1997 PGDM alumni Mr. Anshumal Dikshit, it takes very little time to realize the secret behind all that success- the man is a perfect balance of grace and wisdom. Anshumal Dikshit has spent 20 years in the industry and interestingly, across five major sectors. He has tasted the waters of Manufacturing, Media, Banking, IT and Hospitality before he embarked on building his own successful venture as a veteran HR consultant. Today, Anshumal Dikshit runs one of the leading HR consulting agencies of North India- the HR Mantra Consulting and heads the office as its Principal Consultant.

1997 had seen Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow churn out its founding class- a group full of young, dynamic and ambitious professionals who are now creating wonders across the world. The young Lucknow boy Anshumal had stepped out of the campus with a placement offer from Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited. Having spent couple of years in the Auto component manufacturing industry, he entered the eFunds world with HR Lead and soon shifted to Banking with Citi Group. Where others saw stumbling blocks, Anshumal Dikshit saw steppingstones. He spent considerable tenures across industries, bagging promotions, taking significant hikes, changing profiles to profiles and all that while, he went on learning and gathering valuable experience throughout his journey.

In 2007 Anshumal had an offer from the Oberoi Group. A big task where he had to head the 80 years old group’s Corporate Learning and OD function. “I enjoyed the years immensely there. It was a new sector for me and there was learning at every bend and turn of the road,” remarks Anshumal as he looks back at the years traversed. And then another short stint with Videocon as its Head HR in the Manufacturing unit and then finally Patni Computer Systems happened.

The man who has jumped from one industry to another with an insatiable hunger to learn and experiment new things finally took a pause at Patni for five years. His work earned him great many accolades and praises alongside colleagues’ infinite encouraging words. Atul Kulshreshtha, Vice President Business Services at Capgemini himself says- “I have been twice lucky to have Anshumal as my HR Leader once at IGATE/PATNI and earlier at eFunds/FIS.” Needless to say, experience backed with an endless drive to learn has no substitution, whatsoever.

And just when you will think Anshumal Dikshit has arrived in life, he would surprise you with more stunts in his portfolio. He left Patni, and joined Arvato, headquartered in Gutersloh, Germany. In his words- “As a Country Head for HR, Arvato was a unique opportunity that provided me a strategic direction to the enterprise and it helped me create capability for the next league.” And finally, with all the experience under his belt- he ventured out.

In 2016, Anshumal Dikshit laid down his 20 years plan- HR Mantra Consulting, the vague dream that he had once dreamt inside the classroom of Jaipuria Institute of Management. “I had chosen my specialization with a lot of clarity in my mind but then, to dream is one thing and to execute the dreams- another,” says the charming, handsome and successful alumni of Class 1997. Bottom line- “You got to know when you are ready. Everyone wants to start up today but Experience, you need it even today. The rules are still the same, yes, the games have definitely changed,” concludes Anshumal Dikshit with a broad smile on his face.