Jaipuria’s PGDM Service Management brings in bright career for students

The PGDM in Service management at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida & Jaipur brings in lot of fulfillment for the first year students. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur campus is the only institute in Rajasthan to offer specialized program in service management. The strategic collaboration of Jaipuria Institute of Management with corporate bigwigs like KPMG, BSE, and IBM for course delivery, prepares professionals for the burgeoning industry.

With enhanced foreign investment flows, the sector that covers trade, hotel and restaurants, storage and communication, financing, insurance, real estate, and construction services is set to grow further. It has created a major demand for skilled professionals, who can take on decision-making roles in the industry. The PDGM Service Management program offered by the B School aims to fulfill that demand by bridging the gap with the industry.

After the stupendous success of Service Management program at Jaipuria Noida campus it was introduced at Jaipur Campus. Renowned industry names like Landmark, Oppo, Vivo, Wipro GE, Amazon, Lava, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank have already recruited graduates of the programs from different campuses. Moreover, the results after the first year of the program at Jaipuria Institute of Management keep up with the promising trends. Students bagged internships with top Indian and International MNCs including the Landmark Group. At the heart of the success of the program is the industry-oriented curriculum that has been designed to give students the cutting edge advantage in their specific areas of interest. They can gain specializations in Consulting, Retail, Ecommerce, Banking as well as Rural Marketing sectors. It enables them to drive their future careers in their areas of interests.

Sharing his vision on innovative culture and success, Dr,. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur says, “PGDM in Service Management at Jaipuria Institute of Management is a major contributor of skilled professionals to the service industry in India. Our aim is to empower all our students to shape defined careers in the field of their choice.”

International collaborations with international universities of Jaipuria Institute of Management offer their own benefits. Students have the opportunity to be mentored by foreign faculty members as well as gain International exposure at top universities through student exchange programs. That’s how at the end of the program, they seamlessly transition from classrooms to global boardrooms.

All aspirants who wish for that career trajectory in the massive services industry can apply for the program at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida & Jaipur Campus. It can be the gateway to flourishing careers that will be much sought after in times to come.

List of Professional Career Options after Commerce Graduation

Business Analyst. Market Researcher. Tax Consultant. Banker. Auditor. Stock Broker. Academician. Lawyer. Senior Manager. You can’t possibly imagine the multitude of options a simple B.Com. or BBA can simply open for you. So next time you hear Commerce graduates disgruntle about the lack of professional opportunities, well, check them right there.

With leading organizations across the world having Commerce graduates holding top most offices, one thing is clear- the demand of a B.Com. student isn’t ending anytime soon. In fact, why go so far? Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Prannoy Roy, Vishwanathan Anand, Motilal Oswal and Mohandas Pai are among some of the distinguished Indian personalities who completed their education in Economics and Commerce and are legends in their areas of interest. However, it is not easy to simply choose a career! A lot goes behind making a decision that you would in all likelihood, not regret in your life and as studies indicate, your profession decides majority of your actions in life. But with work roles and nature of jobs changing at unfathomable speed today, it has become all the more intricate to make career decisions with absolute clarity. Yet, amidst all the humdinger, the fundamental concept remains the same- if you got to thrive in what you do, you got to love what you do!

So tighten your seat belts, and open your cognitive windows to explore what professions will stand relevant for you if you are already pursuing a degree in Commerce.

1. A career in Sales and Marketing

Every industry in the world has to grow and expand in terms of its size and profitability. Quite similarly, consumption of resources too is increasing drastically. Hence, the need for selling and marketing products and services is growing by leaps and bounds. Businesses are getting consumer-centric. Businesses are getting more robust. Businesses are getting more skill-oriented. Therefore, demand for good sales and marketing professionals who can create the needs and market the products or services are in constant rise. In such a scenario, it is wise to opt for a career that is in high demand and intensely competitive. However, post your Commerce degree, if you take a work-ex in the field of Sales and Marketing and then ace it up with a power-packed MBA, you open for yourself the doors to career, options such as- brand manager, marketing strategist, marketing researcher, market analyst and what not!

2. A career as a Chartered Accountant/ Chartered Financial Analyst/ Company Secretary

If you are a commerce graduate, then you’ll naturally have your paths open for any of these courses: Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). However, before opting for a particular course, you must know the difference between each of these courses and the nature of jobs you will be exposed to.

3. A career in Human Resources Management

As you wrap a B.Com. degree and opt to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), you are in for yet another phenomenal ride. While a B.Com. student stands all the chance to enter blue-chip companies at junior or mid-rung offices, a MBA/ PGDM program enables you to pick a specialization and these days, a career in Human Resources Management is the hot cake. You can join in the office of employment and placement or compensation and benefits or recruitment or labor relations or training and development. Senior HR Managers handle multiple roles in their ranks. And the pay-checks? Exceptionally rewarding as well.

4. A career in E-Commerce or the new jobs of the 2020

E&Y’s latest report- “Future Jobs in India: A 2022 Perspective” states that 9% of the Indian population will be deployed in new jobs that do not exist today. And in this category, e-commerce organizations will contribute in massive hires. A B.Com. graduate with his/her skills in numbers, quant and data crunching abilities are obvious fits to these newly evolving roles in the digital world. Their B,Com. degree opens gateways for them to be hired as Digital Analysts, Data Analysts, supply chain management, product management, to name a few.

5. A ticket to the world of BFSI

Considered among the conventional job roles, once you graduate as a Commerce student, your entry to the world of Banking, Financial services and Insurance becomes almost a but-obvious. The typical Commerce syllabus across Indian universities and colleges include Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics and Computers. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that major BFSI organizations across the country have Commerce graduates calling the shots across departments.

5. A career as an academic

Indian culture considers teaching and education as a noble profession. If you are inclined to this profession and wish to develop a formal career, you need to complete teachers’ training program/ B.Ed. If you wish to take a step ahead and teach in Universities or Colleges or anything equivalent, you need to clear NET and have a post-graduate degree. Commonly, graduate students start teaching in private colleges as a guest faculty or on contract bases and simultaneously pursue post-graduation or prepare for NET.

6. A career in Event Management

Event Management as an industry is on the move! With exponential growth in events across the world, the demand for appropriate professionals is on an upward rise. A successful event requires a lot more than the people involved it. It is about flawless planning; strategizing, handling finance and getting the logistics work in its favors. A Commerce graduate is often seen as an appropriate fit for Supply Chain or Event Management companies simply because of the skill-sets they get to bring to the table. With a holistic knowledge of how businesses work, a B.Com. graduate hits the ground running as an Event Manager.

7. Among million other things- starting up on your own

B.Com. when topped with a fine MBA, becomes a combination that is relevant across all the industries. Latest trends have shown that Commerce graduates are not just seeking jobs but are creating jobs as well. Be it opening your own travel agency out of sheer passion to travel or simply starting up a bakery shop from your garage, a Commerce graduate with his/her knowledge in Business can run the long mile to scale the next billion-dollar company for the country.

So, while you are on the crossroad of making one of the most decisive choice for our career- we suggest, observe your interests, give room to your passion, and consider your aptitude. No stream is not “good enough”. You just need to know- what is for you!

What did Jerry Maguire mean when he said “Show me the money”?

“Show me the money,” said the persuasive Jerry as he tried hard to motivate his new business partners. But was Jerry Maguire marketing or was he selling? Tricky in this case, isn’t it?

Often times, we think we know the difference between Marketing and Sales but the two concepts work very closely across organizations. And yet, in certain organizations they are departments that don’t even communicate with each other without affecting the growth of the business. So what is it? What differentiates the two? Let’s contemplate this question for a moment.

Without Marketing, you would not have leads, or rather; prospects to follow-up with, but yet without a good sales strategy, your conversion rate may upset you.

If we break it down to basics, selling is product focused and is wholly producer driven. Sales are the action part of marketing and functions with a short-term goal in mind – to achieve the market share. The ultimate goal of any sales activity is to maximize profits by maximizing sales. On the other hand, Marketing techniques are based on facts like the customer will prefer to buy a product of superior quality, and this approach acts as the guiding light for the marketing team to understand the customer’s needs, study the market, and analyze the competitor’s position and product.

Fundamental differences between Sales and Marketing

Both Marketing and Sales are largely practiced in the market and still rank as the most popular choices. Let’s discuss some of the key differences between the two –

Marketing is when you do everything to connect with your target audiences and persuade prospects, while the sales process involves doing everything to close the deal and get a contract or agreement signed by your prospect. Both are crucial to the success of a business and no business can function without either of the processes. If you strategically combine both the roles, you are in all likelihood- in for a blood rush!

Your marketing plan should be incorporated with strategies that can be measured to track the prospects and work towards persuading them. On the other hand, the sale process involves interpersonal interaction. It is often done by networking, one-on-one meetings, and cold calls. Think of the whole process like this, your marketing efforts begin the process of moving a potential client or a prospect closer to the sale. If marketing is carried out effectively, the same prospect can seamlessly be moved from the status of a cold lead to a “warm level.”

Seeking Quality Education for the Long-run Play

Marketing is more than simply a function – it is a discipline and a mindset. It is way of envisioning the world that is consumer-centric, ever-evolving, and insight-driven. Similarly, sales are more than surpassing your own activity expectations and quotas. Sales is about focusing on the customer’s needs, persuading them to purchase your product, and having a one-on-one interaction to keep them engaged. However, in reality, no professional is born with these skills. Business schools in today’s age focus on training students with a multi-disciplinary, innovative, and research-based approach to educate and develop the next generation of front-runners.

The Role of B-Schools

Jaipuria Institute of Management – Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur, Indore takes a novel approach to educate students and prepare them for the challenges that the cutthroat Marketing and Sales world might pose.

Jaipuria’s full-time PGDM students are trained with real-life examples and data from companies, government agencies, and non-profits to work on practical problems. PGDM grads with these skills are highly sought after by multinationals in the following sectors – healthcare, technology, banking, and consulting.  

The point is- you need to understand the difference before you opt for the area of your specialization or work! Don’t confuse between the two- at any cost.

In conversation with PGDM student Ritika Agarwalla- a published researcher and a new joinee of the HDFC Bank

Ritika has an amazing personality about her that makes her stand out in a room full of people. She is driven and likes to stay on top of her game- since her childhood. It wouldn’t be incorrect to describe this girl as a perfectionist in making. Her energy, her ambitions coupled with a passion for achieving more have made her stand out in numerous ways as she carries a versatile personality and why do we say that?

Ritika appeared for her summer internship program with HDFC Bank in the year 2018 and cracked it right at the first go. The amazing part about it is- it was the first company she has ever interviewed with. She wrote a research paper and presented it in front of an entire panel at IIT Kanpur. Her paper was even selected and published in Scopus Indexed Journal. She further moved on to publish her second research paper, which got an overwhelming response at IIT Allahabad. Ritika has also won the second prize in dance competition organized at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. It did not stop there! She even associated herself with various clubs and committees at Jaipuria Institute of Management alongside continuing to score a remarkable CGPA throughout 2 years of her PGDM. And while final year students were busy with the placements on-rush, Ritika was already sitting on a pre-placement offer from HDFC Bank. This is the magic of Ritika Agarwalla, PGDM student of Class 2019, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow!

But what has been the highlight for this young dynamo so far? “My research papers actually!” exclaims Ritika with a broad smile on her face. Ritika’s first research paper on –“Earnings Management, Capital Management and Signaling Behavior of Indian Banks”, co-authored alongside two other batch-mates had her amazed by the world of research and publishing. She got absolutely thrilled on being a published researcher as a PGDM student and in her words- ‘It was as if a whole new world of possibilities opened up.’

In 2018 HDFC Bank had arrived at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow to hire summer interns. Vetting Ritika’s soft skills, domain expertise and aspirations, she was hired almost instantaneously. ‘My internship was in sales and operations. I was taught all the operational work of the bank and was also asked to sell its specific products. I can’t really say for sure what I did right but I was dedicated and punctual at my work. I think that worked out well in my favor,’ chuckles Ritika while explaining how the PPO came her way. Ritika is now all set to join Noida branch of HDFC Bank as a Relationship Manager.

So how does Ritika think her faculty and classmates will remember her? ‘I guess they will remember me as a hardworking and dedicated individual. A student who never has a NO for an answer.’ And, does she feel prepared enough to join one of the leading banking institutions of the country? Pat come her reply – ‘Oh, indeed! In the last two years of my PGDM I got ample opportunities and exposure to learn from industry veterans and academics. Jaipuria Institute of Management provides the students with everything that is needed to make their mark in the world.’

As much as it is about gunning for the big jobs, it is about a sound education as well

A PGDM program that is transformative and student-centric in every way.

It’s all happening now. Businesses are changing. Challenges are growing. Opportunities are multiplying. The stakes are high. The important question at this point in time- is your MBA preparing you enough to beat the onrush of the shifting market?

In Jaipuria Institute of Management’s endeavor to make management education- an experience and an opportunity of a lifetime, we try to question, think, analyse, re-imagine and re-create almost everyday, in everything we do. Result? Our students hit the ground running. We do not train them for businesses, careers or jobs. We make them life ready. We teach them to think, learn and evolve which in turn helps them grow, both personally and professionally. With the help of our outstanding faculty and distinguished leadership team, Jaipurians are pushed our students to go beyond boundaries, geographies, thought patterns and practices. We show them the bigger picture, they painted the canvas with colors of their own. As of today, Jaipuria Institute of Management has been instrumental behind creating almost 8200+ socially responsible managers and citizens of the world.  Here’s how!

  1. Industry Connect: Creating close synergy with industry is our first priority and differentiator. We do it in multiple ways—1. Making industry guest session in regular courses compulsory, 2. Inviting industry professional to conduct workshops, 3. Singing MoU for full course delivery, 4. Ensuring purposeful summer internship in industry, quite often with stipend and a pre-decided project, 5. Conducting training and management development program for industry professionals, 6. Inviting industry stalwarts and experts in Academic Council and Area Advisory Board, 7. Organizing regular industry visits and commissioning live projects, 8. Assigning industry professionals as mentor to students. More than 200 such connect is made available to students in any given year which a huge opportunity for them not only to learn but also to create network.

Industry driven courses are run by IBM (software based analytics), BSE (financial and stock market), KPMG (six sigma and lean management), Thomas Assessment (Assessment centre), Fortis Hospital (Hospital Management), Genpact (Financial standards and reporting).

  • 24 x 7 Learning Environment: Learning is divided into three phases—pre-learning, learning, and post-learning. Technology enabled online platform is created as part of pre-learning preparations. Flipped videos on core concept building are made available to students. As part of post-learning reinforcement, students can access recorded classroom sessions through mobile app and moodle platform. The classroom learning is a lot discussion and activities based where students take active part in deliberations. Pedagogies adopted in classroom is aligned to promote active learning. It is evident that learning works well for students when conditions are created in pre-phase and reinforced in post-phase. A bit of care and help offered to students in organizing their learning tends to enhance the possibility by several percentage. Jaipuria understands how learning works for students and how it can be made more practical and hands-on.
  • Beyond Classroom Learning: Learning centricity is all about capturing all possible spaces where students tend to learn, both in formal as well as non-formal mode. Research suggests that 40-60 per cent learning for students occur outside classroom. A range of programs designed to sub-serve the goal of learning, fall outside the classroom. This is indeed important as to how we create engagement platforms for students. Opportunities to lead by example, learning-by-doing, and learning-by-watching make students really take charge of their own learning. Platforms such as Hot-Coffee-Hot-Issues where students discuss on current issues over a cup of coffee, WAVE (Written and Verbal English) where students practice spoken and written English, and Seminar where students present their research work to a larger audience do serve duel objective of capturing learning and enhancing confidence. Discussion Forum and Peer Learning activities do tend to bring in contemporariness and opportunity to bring in day-today happenings into the fold of learning.
  • Global Exposure:  Learning from global practices, visiting places and meeting people are indeed very critical for developing personal vision. Jaipuria creates ample opportunities for students to develop vision and macro view for their personal growth. Exchanges and visit opportunities have been created under MoUs with top class institutions in France, South Africa, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Finland, Bhutan, and USA. Our students recently visited France, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa and similarly we received students from US, New Zealand, and France. Our students completed summer internship in Bhutan and created e-marketing plan for rural enterprises. Students from France is studying with us for full trimester exchange and similarly our students are scheduled to visit them for full term. The emphasis is on creating long term exchange opportunity for our students.

5.  Outlining Graduate Attributes for life-long-learning: Quite unique to to our MBA program, the Graduate Attributes (GAs) are set to define the outcome in terms of what a student would develop in context to knowledge-skill-attitude (KSA). These competencies transcend beyond the program and tend to inculcate life-long-learning in students.. The graduate attributes are brought down and assimilated into what is called Program Level Outcomes (PLOs). This provides a larger picture about the objective of the program and what the program is expected to achieve. This also provides guideline for curriculum design, delivery and assessment of student learning. This mapping also indicates what Jaipuria as a responsible institute is contributing to the life of students in the pursuit of well being of family, society, and the entire nation.

Our placement testifies the rigour of our MBA program

Jaipuria Institute of Management’s quest for outcome-based education has led to stronger correlations between academic performance and placement performance of students. This is a testimony of the fact that emphasis on knowledge, skills, and attitude and its alignment with curriculum and measurement of learning thereof has resulted in improved student performance. Jaipuria students are able to crack national and international companies with good profile and high package (in the range of 18-20 lakhs per annum).

5-Ways to Effective Management Education

Management education is about impacting output and seeking relevance.
How can that be achieved?

Shruti joined a premier B-school after struggling through several rounds of selection. She also faced plethora of advises on how to choose a B-school and how to crack GDPI. The amount of information she had to make through was at times so mind boggling that she was not able to decide between advices and between choices. B-schools websites are cluttered with information and most of them do not have clear focus. For a fresher like Shruti it was a kind of nightmare. CAT or MAT, IIM or non-IIM, PGDM or MBA are just few of several dilemma she confronted. Shruti came out victorious and made a right choice not so much because of oversupply of information but precisely because she knew what she wanted to do in life and why she opted to join a business school. Many students like Shruti would know that management education is not just about book-based study program and world class infrastructure but it is more about where it would lead to in terms of life, career and their own wellbeing. There would also be questions like—Whether it would give opportunity to be part of a solution? Whether it would give platform to challenge own self? Whether it would help linking with global community? Shruti would search for affirmative answers to these questions while looking to join a B-school. That is where a B-school like Jaipuria Institute of Management comes out as highly relevant.

Indeed, Jaipuria Institute of Management being a B-school committed to effective management education pays good deal of attention in 5-ways to ensure optimum benefits for management students:

1.Broader canvas of elective choices: New and upcoming areas must be tapped and offered as elective choices. Jaipuria Institute of Management as a progressive understands that and keeps on expanding the elective choices for its students. For example, digital transformation is impacting economy and society not only in terms of scale, scope and speed but also started impacting wellbeing of people. The curriculum on digital business must deal with both its operation as well as impact. A holistic approach to elective offering can make management education really effective.

2. Modes of offering courses must make students feel being part of it: Jaipuria Institute of Management recently experimented with a workshop based model for Design Thinking. Students were engaged in an experiential form of teaching-learning session where they learnt about Design Thinking by practicing through real time projects in a workshop. The experiment was highly appreciated and approved by students indicating an uptick in their understanding of the course. One needs to really question frequently- are we merely teaching in the classroom or are we open to innovative alternative ways of delivery? Workshop and seminar based courses are always great alternatives. Continuous innovation in teaching method and nurturing a mind-set in favour of blended learning (often a blend of off-line and on-line) can enhance effectiveness in a big way.

3.Learning often happens outside the classroom and can change the life of a student significantly: A B-school with conscious plan for capturing the learning beyond classroom can enhance the effectiveness in a lot of ways. Researches suggest that our generation of students learn 60-70 per cent from outside the classroom. A great blend of discussion forum, cafeteria talk, evening peer sessions, field study, on-the-job engagement, extended internship can maximize learning effectiveness. The best part about outside classroom engagement is that learner feels highly engaged and self-driven. The job of institution is to create such learning opportunities and make them both credit and non-credit driven.

4.Do not miss out on the global stage: A business education sans global relevance is not a business education at all. Today, managers are expected to make big decisions for bigger purposes. Unless they understand global norms, global practices, and global policies they are bound to be ruled out for the nex-big promotion. Plus, “life in a suitcase” is amost the norm of the day for successful Management professionals. It is important to be able to cope up in the international stage. Jaipuria Institute of Management has strategic international student excange programmes with top schools and universities across the world including Carelton University (Canada), Eastern Mennonite University (USA), Rennes School of Business (France), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), to name a few. In fact, students recently completed their internship in Singapore and Dubai and returned to their classrooms at Jaipuria Institute of Management.

5.Industry integrated programs for value add: It is not very uncommon to find a MBA/ PGDM graudate today. However, what is uncommon and absolute dear to a recruiter is- the value add that the Management grad brings to the organization. Your PGDM/ MBA curriculum today got to have relevant certifications and value-add courses attached to it. Jaipuria Institute of Management offers Industry integrated programs in collobaration with KPMG, IBM and BSE helping students stay ahead of their peers and ace the game in their respective industries.

It can be reiterated that teaching-learning is a soul-to-soul communication and teacher and learner need to be in great sync to achieve effectiveness of outcome. Adding to that is the relevance of what you are teaching and how!

In a B-school, the process of learning must translate into effective outcome, impacting life and wellbeing of the learner. A B-school should urge its student to question, analyse, question again and then settle for an answer.

Living the Dream from the Other Side of the Coin and Sharing the Journey with Colgate-Palmolive – Not as a Customer, but an Employee

A post-graduate student from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida talks about his journey towards achieving his goals and successfully securing a job with Colgate Palmolive

Sometimes you need to find your career, and sometimes, your career finds you. Born in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, Neeraj Tripathi grew up aspiring to become a Management post-graduate. Similar to a lot of other professionals in the sector, his passion for specializing in Marketing came not from great future prospects, but from an intense desire to learn and practice the art of selling without actually selling.

Neeraj’s first step towards getting into Marketing for a brand like Colgate Palmolive began with scouting for opportunities internally. Luckily, that worked for him. That was the time when he realized the potential of chasing for the finest job, and for that he decided to reskill himself to suit into the industry parameters. Today a proud employee of his dream-like workplace, he recalls the placement interview phase, “there was immense competition for this profile, since we were 60 of us who applied for it. The first question was tricky, and it baffled me instantly. I was asked – if a distributor does not assign work to you during your training period, what will you chose to do in that period? Today, I’m glad for the answer I gave during that time,” said Neeraj.

The thing he most appreciates is the encouragement and guidance he got from his professors at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. Through all the reading between the lines and dedicatedly working towards achieving the set goals, he ultimately learned that the only person holding him back from doing so was himself. He adds, “What set me apart from the crowd was my willingness to learn, unlearn, re-learn and maintaining self-confidence. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida helped me prepare for the job marketplace, tremendously. The MBA program was perhaps the gateway to my future.”

Three months away from contributing towards a new stint as a Customer Development Officer, Neeraj happily owes the credit to his internship experience at Amul and Mr. Karni Singh Jhala from Viacom 18 who truly inspired him. As a piece of advice, Neeraj adds, “While it’s easy to give excuses and difficult to maintain consistency, do not give up without even trying to know what’s in there. Everybody around us is always helpful – in my case, my professors, my fellow-students, friends, and undoubtedly, my family. You can be your own mentor, but that does not mean you shouldn’t pay heed to what others suggest”

Life holds a special place for those who dare to dream beyond their capacity. Neeraj aspired to build a career with nothing but the best, and that’s what he manifested. He recalls and says, “I remember travelling back to Noida from hometown and that’s when I got a call from Colgate. While I did secretly hope for good news, I didn’t see my dream coming true so quickly. The first call I made was to my parents, and I’ll never forget that day.”

Ikroop Kaur Kalra’s PGDM specialization is Marketing and she is now the new Asst. Store Manager to one of India’s celebrated retail fashion brands

There were 20 students from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore campus who sat for the Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail’s interview process. “Each one of us were focused and absolutely determined, with everything we needed to outshine in the selection, however, I was sure I wouldn’t be beaten at any cost,” remarks Ikroop who is going to get on-board with India’s leading fashion retail house as a Assistant Store Manager to begin with.

Ikroop was tested throughout the selection. With one question coming after the other from across the interviewer’s side, Ikroop knew she had to keep calm. However, the trickiest was- “why don’t you join your father’s already established business and make more in it?” And, she had her answers up her sleeve. The girl from Bhopal wishes she had just dealt one question a bit better and that was- “what are few things you would want to do to motivate your stuff?” But, what matters is- it all ended well.

Being an Assistant Store Manager, Ikroop would need to look after achievement of sales target, store operations management, focus on the requirements of the customers, ensure customer service quality, and everyone at store. As she had opted for Marketing as one of her specializations, she feels completely at home with her new roles and responsibilities. “At Jaipuria, Indore we are trained in a very immersive ecosystem and curriculum. I have been imparted with both theoretical and practice oriented concepts under Retail Marketing. Field visit to Big Bazaar and other departmental stores were organized to impart us with clarity on- how stores are managed. We were taught how various concepts of Visual Merchandising work, retail shrinkage, retail formats and layouts, ruture retail trends like Bit coins, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.,” explains Ikroop while talking about her strength areas and how she will add value to her organization with a sound PGDM education in her kitty. Adding to all of it, her summer internship with HDFC bank during her first year at Jaipuria, Indore had her taste the corporate world where she could open 8 savings account in 45 days. Experiences like that are invaluable indeed!

Ikroop was at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida campus when the news of her final selection arrived. “I was overwhelmed with phone calls from my friends and colleagues and it was after 15 or 20 minutes that I could finally call my parents about the offer from Aditya Birla Retail and that was when I felt complete,” she says.

This dynamic, young and ambitious Jaipurian is all set to begin her corporate sojourn from 4th February, 2019 and she wishes her teachers to remember her as a honest, disciplined person with a good presence of mind.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur Hosting its 6 th International Conference on ‘Redefining Business and Society in the Age of Information Technology’

Jaipur, India: The International Youth Conference is one of the leading and sought after convention hosted by Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. The B-school will host the 6 th edition of the International Conference “Redefining Business and Society in the age of Information Technology” on February 15 th and 16 th , 2019. The 2019 International Youth Conference is an analysis of the role of youth in innovating new ways of commencing as well as managing businesses, and creating a culture of collaboration and harmony. The conference will cover wide array of topics that will be spread across the duration of 2 days:
  • Human Resource Management in the Digital Era
  • Strategy and Operations in the Digital Era
  • Finance in the Digital Era
  • Communication in the Digital Era
  • Marketing in the Digital Era
  • Business Models in the Digital Era
The symposium brings together academics, industry experts, and policy makers to address the role of youth as innovators, trendsetters, and leaders in the Digital Era. This conference will enlighten the perception and skills of budding entrepreneurs and management professionals to update the advancement in the field of social media and businesses. “Jaipuria Institute of Management is proud to host this informative conference for our budding entrepreneurs and leaders in the making. We hope to cover a community-wide conversation that gives a better understanding of communication, leadership, marketing, finance, hospitality, and operations in the digitally driven world. Our motto is to educate students and faculty members with a vision of providing holistic education to meet societal competencies,” says, Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. The two-day conference is expected to be attended by more than 30 eminent delegates from different locations, paving a systematic channel to update the recent advancements in the industry by enlightening the practices carried out by the industry experts. The event will be graced by Mr. Bhanwar Singh Bhati, Minister of Higher Education, Govt. of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Chandna, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of Rajasthan, Professor TS Powdyel, Former Minister of Education, Royal Govt. of Bhutan, Ms. Mahi Chowdhary, Member of Parliament, Bangladesh, GangaRam, IAS, Ministry of Statistics, GoI, Dr. Devi Singh, Former Director, IIM, Lucknow, Anil Swarup , IAS (Retd.) Former Secretary, GoI. In addition, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur will host couple of panel discussion, where eminent experts from academics, industry, and government will participate to discuss important topics such as: The Rise of Startups, Women in Digital Era, Human Wellbeing & Happiness in the Digital Era, and Present & Future of Social Media & Artificial Intelligence. The event will also attended by Padma Bhusan Abhinav Bindra, Olympic Gold Medalist.