Souvik Chandra, alumnus 2019 shares how he unfolds the second opportunity with Deloitte

Souvik, class 2017-19, a number juggler from day one at Jaipuria did not let off the opportunity to en-cash when he was recalled for interview at Deloitte.

Souvik recall his earlier days at Jaipuria during first trimester. It was Prof. Wasan from finance in class, who assigned him with a task, and without any delay souvik wrapped up meticulously. The very instance Prof. Wasan commented ‘take Finance in your 2nd year and I would not be surprised if you are hired by Deloitte by the time you complete your PGDM from Jaipuria,” says Souvik who thinks Prof. Wasan’s words had a life-changing impact on him.

Souvik had arrived at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to up his game in Management and especially Finance, and walk out with a placement offer from one of the big fours in Consulting but even after having almost all the blocks perfectly fit in the puzzle, it was not cakewalk. The final stumbling stone arrived when Souvik was not selected at the versant test of Deloitte. However, luck has a way for people who really are worthy of it. “After few days, he was given a second chance for full retest of the Versant and Aptitude rounds. He knew this was the only chance. He left no stone unturned in his preparation, and when the time actually arrived, he cleared all the rounds- one after another,”.

Souvik says, “If you ask me about my few significant achievements in last 2 years at Jaipuria Noida, I would quantify them from a more humane level. I think I changed as a person. I was an introvert, extremely shy. That of course got entirely altered with repeated presentations and team building exercises that we are immersed here at Jaipuria, Noida. You just cannot afford to stay inactive or isolated. Beside that, I grew more sensitive about the environment around me. I have evolved into a more responsible citizen, looking for a greener future for the world,”. Of course Souvik’s transition indicates the kind of managers that are stepping out of a B-school that has been consistently working towards creating conscientious human beings.

Souvik specifically attributes his placement achievement to the exposure he got during his summer internship with Thomas Cook at the Credit Control Deptt. According to Souvik, it taught him the importance of being a go-getter. “My Manager had an elaborate project to wrap within a strict deadline of 3 days. The task needed experience and training, however, I along with my four other colleagues of Jaipuria Institute of Management volunteered to take it up. We asked our manager to train us briefly and summarize it for us and then we delved into the project- divided the work among us, consulted each other, reached out for help and spent our time strategically on it. Within 3 days it was done! And we were ushered in with praises and appreciations from various quarters,” he explains. And it was not just the SIP that decided the course of Souvik’s journey. In fact, the study group approach of Jaipuria Institute of Management has been quite popular among the graduates of the B-school since the time the B-school adopted the method.

The summit brought the CEOs and C-level leaders to discuss the ever-evolving role of CHROs in the business era shaped by the transformation of organizations, cultural change, agile work, and emerging digital technologies. It also helped CEOs put their challenges forward to CHROs and discuss mutual ways forward. They focused on critical concerns encountered by CHROs who operate in complex business environments, lead international teams, and make decisions that hold substantial implications to their profession, industries, and companies as a whole.

Souvik is now with Deloitte as a US Tax Consultant and he is all set to make the most of the initial few years of his professional life before deciding any further.


The strength of belief and encouraging words- a lesson to learn from Pushpendra’s PGDM journey at Jaipuria

“One of our professor of Information system in the first trimester during our ITM classroom session asked us a simple question- “Is there anyone here who has not worked in any Microsoft tool ever in life,” recalls Pushpendra with a smile on his face. “And I was the only one who had raised his hand, confessing that I had not and it took almost the entire class by surprise. My professor suggested immediately that I have to work really hard to ace up. That particular moment taught me a lot,” adds Pushpendra. By the time he was wrapping up the course, this Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida boy of Class 2019 had scored the 2nd highest in the subject.

The Jaipuria Institute of Management classrooms are really interesting spaces with myriads of life transforming stories and experiences embedded in them. Students come from across entire India, spend their 2 years pursuing excellence and in the process- leave their indelible marks in the growth story of the B-school and students like Pushpendra are perfect examples. However, what makes the learning ecosystem of a B-school like Jaipuria absolutely unique are the people themselves- they celebrate each other, and hold each other up in times of failures and successes. Each and every student contributes to the life of their peers and all of it in absolute humility and earnestness! It almost comes naturally to a Jaipurian- to stand as a rock by its team or teammate, as if it is a part of the b-school’s very DNA. And that is exactly what Pushpendra did for his friends and his friends did for him in return. How?

Be it managing the study group or giving proxy to friends busy in placement processes, Pushpendra did not deter from his responsibilities as a team member or a friend and when his turn came, his peers did not disappoint him either. “I was at the Group Discussion round of Amazon and I desperately wanted to make it to the organization. However, things didn’t work out in my favor despite all the hard work I had put into it and the rejection had me hit hard to the effect of losing all self-confidence. Recruiters were continuously visiting campuses and I did not have any ounce of interest left in me to sit for any other process. But my friends did not give up on me. IDFC First Bank arrived the subsequent week and they insisted I take the test. I was absolutely reluctant but they would not give up and pushed me to go ahead,” remarks Pushpendra who is now one of the new Management Trainees in the Sales Office of the organization. He had not informed his father about it till the HR declared his name among the finally selected candidates. “I was scared of disappointing him the second time, so I went from Noida to Jaipur campus for the selection round without informing him and when I finally got the job and informed him, he was pleasingly surprised,” says the boy who started with IDFC First from April 15, 2019.

However, nothing has been more inspiring for Pushpendra Singh Rathore than his mentor Prof. Ajay Bansal. “He always said- I will do something great in life and not just stop at getting a placement, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure his belief in me does not go to waste,” he says.

Pushpendra believes Jaipuria Institute of Management’s 2 years taught him to be a good human being above everything else. Team work, CSR activities, selflessness are just among hundred other things Pushpendra thinks his PGDM has taught him. He had arrived at the B-school in the summer of 2017 with the hope of gaining as much knowledge as possible in his specialization, perform as many Live projects that 2 years could offer and secure a good placement. And now that he is graduating from the school, he feels “I have almost all boxes of my check-list, ticked green.”

Jaipuria Institute of Management to Amazon- does Ambuja Tandon of PGDM Class 2019 feel ready and why?

When Ambuja chose to do a PGDM post her undergraduate degree, she had her eyes absolutely fixed on certain things and getting a placement with Amazon was one of them. It has been 20 months since. Ambjuja Tandon of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida had to change a great deal about her. She struggled with Mathematics and Statistics as subjects to begin with and Ambuja clearly remembers how tough it was to cope with other students who had Commerce and Science in their higher secondary. “I had to focus on Maths and Stats the most and needed to motivate myself continuously to get to the fundamentals of these two subjects. My mid-term performance in Maths had me absolutely embarrassed but I realized, I have to put my act together and do whatever it takes to up my game,” explains Ambuja as she starts talking about her highs and lows of last two years.

Amazon had multiple rounds before the HR declared the final results and Ambuja clearly remembers how her late grandfather’s face surfaced in her mind, right that very instant. “I was overwhelmed beyond words,” she says and why would not she be? From event management at the B-school, to assignments, projects, internships and spending months preparing for making it to Amazon, there was nothing that this girl did not do to make it to this American multinational technology company. “I started by working on my soft skills, and then developing acumen for managing things through real life situations before I could sit with all my confidence at the Amazon interview,” she says.

Ambuja thinks Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida helped her evolve as a human being. When she got associated with the CSR committee of the B-school, she was not really sure of the enthusiasm she would be able to bring to the Club however, as time passed and Ambuja started getting involved with the Grace Home kids’ well-being. It took her very little time to realize the importance of self-evolution in order to stand amidst the crowd. “Adding to this major take-away was also the constant support that I received from Prof. Shalini and Prof. Nidhi. I remember this one time in my last two years when I was absolutely low on my self-confidence and they called me, counseled me and simply showered some amazing compliments and I was back on my feet- dealing with the issues that had brought me down in the first place,” elaborated Ambuja.

She will be joining Amazon as its Team Manager and she feels she is ready for her responsibilities. Ambuja was once given the task to organize a blood donation camp at the B-school, and lead the entire team from start to end. “I was hesitant! I was new to the entire set-up and something as significant as this could not be a joke. But I kept no stones unturned and delivered a super-hit event,” and Ambuja thinks that the skill-set of leadership is going to come extremely handy at her new workplace. “Almost 80% of our classroom assignments had to do with working in team. And by first year, we had to learn almost all subjects that a manager would need in her kitty, and I think these two edges will act as further enablers for me,” she stresses.

2 rejections in the GD round and the power of bulletproof preparation- Nimish of Jaipuria, Noida talks about his placements with Marico

There’s nothing more stressful for a B-school student than the beginning of the placement season. And adding to that is the steam of being placed with not just a company but also a great one at it! For Class 2019’s PGDM student Nimish Kumar Sangal things have been no different. He started to feel the heat when things stopped going his way towards the end of 2018.

“I sat for two organizations and were rejected in their GD rounds. I was scared beyond words. I knew I have it in me but something was just not working out,” elaborated Nimish as we started asking him more about his lows before the good news from Marico came in. In Nimish’s words- “I was losing confidence but I realized, I can’t simply give up so easy. In fact that was one of the first things I was taught at my Orientation at my B-school. I just should not give up without putting a hard fight. So I started specifically preparing myself for outperforming in GDs. I would read about techniques, practice oration, consume every bit of relevant news, research on the art of speaking, and spend good amount of time to introspect on my weaknesses. Sometimes you see, you got to go to the root of the problem to solve it.” Needless to say, when Nimish sat for his third interview, he had the placement offer swinging in for him- all the way from Marico!

Marico is one of the leading Indian FMCG companies that clearly and boldly states its employer-employee philosophy right at the outset- “At Marico, we have no employees; only a group of members determined to prosper and grow with the company.” And Nimish strongly believes that he could not have hoped for more from the first job of his life. But does he feel prepared enough to join the organization as one of its Territory Sales Manager?

“My two internships in life have been real blessings for me beside the extraordinary delivery of the Jaipuria, Noida’s PGDM,” remarks Nimish. Last year Nimish interned with TATA Chemicals as a Territory Sales Officer. His project was on- “Driving the Efficiency of Salesman and Promoter led Outlets,” and he also had the opportunity to do a Live Project with Big Bazaar where as a sales trainee, he could learn a lot about people skills, how to convince customers, how to cross targets and react to critical analysis or feedbacks from team members. “In fact, my Marico interviewers were highly interested in each of these details. My interview almost revolved around my SIP,” he adds.

With the pedagogy at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida that stresses highly on national and international case studies, live projects, simulations, learning through market surveys, research and gaining from experiential learning modules, it becomes a given that a Jaipurian evolves as a street smart professional by the end of their PGDM. “And I think the expertise and resources of a premier B-school decides a lot for you,” says Nimish with an air of confidence around him.

Law and then PGDM- how does Shivika think it worked for her?

It’s funny how the little mischievous moments stay in heart far longer than the gravely serious ones. And Shivika Perti reinstates the same feeling as she says- “now that I am all set to step out of campus, all the silly things we did as students make me want to stay more.” Shivika is about to join Godrej as a Management Trainee in a matter of few months and as graduation time is coming closer, class 2019 is wrapped with a sense of nostalgia and Shivika is no exception. “We would wait for the attendance procedure to get over and then try figure out excuses to bunk the lecture no matter how interesting the session is; you know how it is in student life right?” quips the girl from Lucknow who arrived to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to pursue her PGDM.

Shivika had completed her internship with Amul and the summer stint needed her to increase the demand of Curd and Buttermilk in South East Delhi. “I already felt prepared for Godrej because the job responsibility corresponds to that of what I had experienced with Amul already,” and complementing that further is Shivika’s Law Degree with specialization in Corporate Law.

When Shivika sat for the interview with Godrej, she was clearly asked- “why did you even opt for joining an MBA while you could have already joined the corporate world with your law degree,” and she was ready with her answer. “I wanted to complete my education in every way possible. While Law taught me about various functional verticals of the corporate world, Management gave me the overall perspective,” answered the girl confidently. In fact, Shivika strongly thinks that her recruitment with Godrej will also help the organization gain from her skill-set and she adds further, “in my opinion, all law graduates must pursue a Management program for fine-tuning their careers and enter the industry with clarity.”

Love for automobiles- Zaid talks about his PGDM that helped him gain the extra mileage out of his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

Zaid of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida grew up in Patna, fascinated by cars and automobiles. He spent a lot of time watching car advertisements on television and asking questions around engines, axles, transmissions, etc.  His heart craved for knowing more about them and he started taking keen interest in pursuing his higher studies in Mechanical Engineering. As soon as he completed his Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech.), he was hired by Spaco Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Spco is known for manufacturing over 2.5 million Carburettors annually for various two & three wheelers, as well as for stationary engines in India. Zaid was working as the Production Supervisor at this 40 years old company but his dreams would not let him settle.

As an engineer, and an ardent lover of automobiles, Zaid Nasar wanted more. He applied to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in the year 2017 and was selected by the B-school. Even though Zaid had the know-hows of technology very clear in his head, he had some other concepts to clarify. For two years, he dipped himself in various domains of Management including- Accounting, Financial Management and Human Resources. “You see, I am an engineer essentially therefore I had to walk the extra miles to up my game in my PGDM classroom, and with 2 years of PGDM training supporting me now, I think I have developed my knowledge in the areas that I could not have otherwise,” says Zaid who is now the new Territory Sales Manager of TVS.

Zaid has been offered a CTC of 7.3 lakhs to begin with and he remembers the exact moment when the Placement Cell sent him the email announcing his selection by India’s third largest motorcycle company. “I felt extremely empowered and accomplished. It is one thing to get a job, but quite another to get one in your very field of interest. I will be using both my knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and Management at my new job and try bring the best to the desk,” mentions Zaid emphatically.

Now that this ambitious, handsome young man is all set to embark on his journey as TVS’s new TSM, who does he want to convey his sincere gratitude? And Zaid had his answer ready- “Dr. Shalini Shrivastava actually! Her domain knowledge and attitude to work have always inspired me. Being my mentor for last 2 years, she kept no stone unturned to ensure I make the most out of my PGDM experience.”