Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh PhD Pursuing, PGDM Assistant Professor


Prof. Nidhi Singh is Assistant Professor in Jaipuria Institute of Management. Her main area of research and interest in the field of mobile payments, mobile wallets, capital structure, consumers and investors behavior, portfolio management, etc. She has published articles on these topics in various academic journals, such as International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Retailing and consumer services, International Journal of Bank Marketing, International Journal Sustainable Strategic Management, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, NMIMS management review, Management and Labor Studies, Decision, Abhigyan etc.


Determining factors in the adoption and recommendation of Mobile Wallet Services in India: Analysis of the effect of innovativeness, stress to use and social influence. (Co-authored). Accepted for publication in International Journal of Information Management. 50 (2020), 191-205. ABDC –A category (Scopus indexed)

How perceived trust mediates merchant's intention to use a mobile wallet technology. (Co-authored). Accepted for publication in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. 52 (2020) ABDC –A category (Scopus indexed)

Consumer preference and satisfaction of M-wallets: a study on North Indian consumers. (Co-authored). Published in International Journal of Bank Marketing. 2017. 35 (6), 944-965, ABDC –B category (Scopus indexed)

Consumer preference and satisfaction of M-wallets: a study on North Indian consumers
N Singh, S Srivastava, N Sinha
International Journal of Bank Marketing 35 (6), 944-965, ABDC –B category (Scopus indexed)

Are values driving Indian consumers to support firms’ CSR initiatives?
T Saharan, N Singh
Decision 42 (4), 379-391, Springer publication

Understanding the impact of locus of control and tolerance for ambiguity on job satisfaction: An empirical study of IT sector managers
S Srivastava, R Misra, N Singh
FIIB Business Review 5 (1), 68-74, Sage Publication

Effect of Cash Holding Policy of Financially Constrained Firms on Their Market Performance
N Singh
Management and Labour Studies 43 (1-2), 31-45, Sage Publication

Panoramic difference of academicians in promoting sustainable change
N Singh, T Saharan
International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management 6 (1), 17-37, ABDC –C category, Inderscience publication

A Study on Mobile Banking and its Impact on Customer's Banking Transactions: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in India
N Singh, N Sinha
FIIB Business Review 5 (2), 57-70, Sage Publication

Are values driving Indian consumers to support firms’ CSR initiatives? (Coauthored) DECISION, 2016, Vol. 42, Issue 4 , pp 379-3913).

A Study on Mobile Banking and Its Impact on Customer’s Banking transactions: Comparative analysis of Public and Private sector banks in India(Coauthored) FIIB, Vol. - 5, Issue - 2 (April - June 2016)

Understanding the Impact of Locus of Control and Tolerance of Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study on Private Sector Managers(Coauthored) FIIB, Vol. - 5, Issue - 2 (April - June 2016)

Case, ‘CC Pvt ltd’(Coauthored)-under review in AJMC (Asian Journal of Management Cases)

Perception of Indian academicians about Sustainable Development: Role of Higher Education(Coauthored)- under review in IIMB Review

Consumer Expectations & Involvement in CSR Investments (Coauthored)-under review in Inderscience journal
Factors Attributing to Customers’ Perception and Satisfaction for Mobile Wallet: A study on Indian Users (Coauthored) under review in Inderscience Journal

Presented paper on ‘Schwartz’s Human Values and Consumer Purchase Intentions’ in IIM Raipur conference on May 15 and 16, 2015, New Delhi

Presented paper on ‘’ A Study of Financial Constraints of NIFTY 500 Companies “ in International Conference on Developments in Management, Technology & Science, ICDMTB 2016 on 1st- 2nd April, 2016

Research Areas

Banking, Valuation, Derivatives, Sustainability, Mobile Payment Systems, CSR

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Location: Noida

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