It was a highly enriching learning experience. I came here as a shy & introvert person, but after two years of grooming I am a confident professional ready to take on the corporate world. The course gave me both class room knowledge and on the field experience. It is very important to have right guidance to get a job that you dream about and I guess that is the biggest thing which I got from Jaipuria Institute of Management.



It is rightly said that we cannot sail a boat without a sailor, PGDM from Jaipuria Institute of Management have taught me the skills required in the industry and placements to achieve my life.


Placed In : HDFC BANK

Jaipuria Institute of Management not only equips one to become a future Manager, but also to imbibe and become a better human being. It was a journey, full of great new experiences and opportunities which helped me to discover and develop myself overall.


Placed In : DELOITTE

My B-School experience was enriching and life changing. Jaipuria Institute of Management have gone a way ahead my expectation for the placement preparation by conducting mentoring sessions every week where each and every students were nurtured personally by his/her mentor.


Placed In : DELOITTE

Jaipuria Institute of Management gave me the required exposure and all the means to achieve my career aim. All these efforts helped me to shape myself into a better person.


Placed In : DELOITTE

Life at JIM has been pretty amazing. It has given me the courage and skills to follow my heart and pursue the ideas that I am deeply passionate about. There has been a perfect balance between the rigorous course curriculum and the various extracurricular activities that we have been consistently engaged with. Such a curriculum has empowered me with knowledge, skills and long-term vision that is leading me towards a focused future.


Placed In : AMAZON

The journey here has been splendid, extravagant and educative. It was an enriching and valuable experience with loads of opportunities to learn things which not only included management subjects but lessons for life.



The idea here at this B-School is for all round development and making students Industry ready. Every day is a new day here as student get to experience break-through learning & teaching methods.


Placed In : ZETFLY

Jaipuria Institute of Management environment pushes an individual to go out of their comfort for their benefit. JIM provides an excellent opportunity to interact with industry experts to develop a broader perspective.


Placed In : DELOITTE

Jaipuria Institute of Management always focuses on preparing students to be corporate ready. Six-sigma certification was like icing to the cake as part of the course and at the same time Campus has a beautiful aura.


Placed In : DELOITTE

Various initiatives like IDP, training & development sessions and aptitude classes were exceptionally helpful; it boosted my confidence & inspired me for a bright future career.


Placed In : DELOITTE

My experience was full of learning and fun as I got corporate exposure through various activities likes industrial visits, live projects, and real life case studies of business situations.

Vartika Gupta – Lucknow

Placed In : HDFC Bank

Experience at Jaipuria has been Superb. Academic journey was really exciting as during my PGDM I got opportunity to present my research paper at IIM Lucknow.


Placed In : HDFC Bank

Being a part of Jaipuria Institute of Management has been a very enriching experience in terms of overall personality development. Through it’s out of the books teachings it helped to bring out the prospective managers in us.



It was a real time experience of sophistication, classic and professional touch. It was a life-changer decision to join Jaipuria Institute of Management and being groomed by world class faculties, nurture the necessary skills for a successful professional life.


Placed In : Deloitte

I am really glad that I chose Jaipuria Institute of Management for my PGDM as it has given me immense opportunities to boost my confidence and a varied variety of trainings to help me excel in academics, extra-curricular activities and most importantly, placements.


Placed In : HDFC Bank

It was an enriching experience, the college gave me a great platform for learning and enhancing my skills making me more confident, presentable and resulting in grabbing the appropriate job for myself.


Placed In : Prism Cement

Choosing Jaipuria Institute of Management has been my one of the best decisions in life. The entire curriculum and the structure make a student industry ready. The guest lectures & different conferences also helped us to interact with professionals from the industry and gain insightful knowledge about various aspects of the corporate world.


Placed In : Deloitte

It’s been a journey full of moments which will remain etched in my mind forever. The learnings which I got totally changed my perception and approach towards life. It was an enriching experience as it gave me deeper insight into the knowledge of management and skills needed to perform in corporate world.


Placed In : HDFC Bank

My academic journey at Jaipuria played a crucial role in my placement. During my placement selection process I felt excited to tell the recruiters about what I have matriculate so far and this was only because of the continuous learning at my college.


Placed In : HDFC Bank

I am extremely thankful to the faculty and staff of Jaipuria Institute of Management for enriching my personality through their trainings and teachings. It is only because of their hard – work and their trust in my capabilities that I have been able to achieve success in life.


Placed In : HDFC Bank

My B-School experience at Jaipuria Institute of Management was fantastic. It is such an institution where one can have the opportunity of bringing out the best in oneself.


Placed In : Philips Lighting

Jaipuria Institute of Management is one of the Best B-School in India. I am also thankful to it for giving me ample opportunities like industrial exposure, interaction with eminent guest & industry leaders , that enhanced my theoretical & real world knowledge.

Akshay Tebriwal – Jharkhand

Placed In : Deloitte

Here management students not only learn academics but are also prepared as per the future industry scenario to lead & succeed the corporate world. My journey at Jaipuria Institute of Management was “EXCITING”.

Shriya Agarwal – Guwahati

Placed In: Deloitte

It was an exhilarating and enriching experience at Jaipuria Institute of Management. It made me adaptable towards change and induced confidence that helped me to achieve greater heights of success.

Tarun Pratap Singh Kushwah – BHOPAL

Placed In: Amazon

The course curriculum here is such that it encourages lots of brainstorming to find solutions of real-life problems. After 2 years of rigorous training, seminars, projects and sessions you are ready for all types of corporate challenges and able to tackle them. Jaipuria Institute of Management has helped me to reach where I am today.

Ujjwal Pandey – Lucknow

Placed In: Eureka Forbes

In one word, Jaipuria Institute of Management experience was exceptional. Constant push from the professors to keep us updated and right guidance from faculty mentors has helped us a lot to achieve our career aim.

Sai Saran Parichha – Noida

Placed In: ITC

It was a Fantastic experience & I would not trade it for anything in the world. Throughout this journey I gained so much confidence which helped me to be proficient in that field. Jaipuria Institute of Management has always supported each student to find their hidden talent and helped them to nourish it.


Placed In: Deloitte

The environment here pushes you out of your comfort zone which helps me to become competent. This helped me getting transformed into a completely different individual from what I was before landing up here. The biggest credit of me getting placed in Deloitte goes to the T&P department of our college who helped me getting corporate ready.

Sonam Marwaha – Amritsar

Placed In: Deloitte

Two years of PGDM were really amazing. It equipped me how to face the corporate challenges. Classes are focused on practical aspects rather than theoretical knowledge and ensure a holistic learning.

Taniya Thapliyal – Dehradun

Placed In: Amazon

The industrial exposure, peer to peer learning, the overall development process through various projects, curricular & extra-curricular activities, guest lectures by industry leaders, has helped us to become future managers of the modern world & succeed.

Rohan Richards – Ahmedabad

Placed In: Asian Paints

My experience was wonderful in which my days were not limited to only classrooms and lectures but the field projects, club activities and live projects gave me an opportunity to enhance myself in terms of knowledge, experience & personality.

Rohan Marwaha – Amritsar

Placed In: Eureka Forbes

The rigorous training sessions from corporates related to the demand of the industry is superb at Jaipuria Institute of Management. Mock Group Discussions, interviews & valuable feedback from industry experts helped a lot for further improvements.

Ritika Saxena – Allahabad

Placed In: Deloitte

Jaipuria Institute of Management has an extremely helpful faculty which is above par. Be it any stream, any subject all are experts in their domain and will always go out of the way to help their students. It provides a platform to polish your skills and perform well in career. To sum up, another name for Jaipuria can be- “A step towards Success”

Varshita Rathore – Kanpur

Placed in: Deloitte

“Jaipuria has always been on the upfront for providing the facilities to its students. Jaipuria has a awesome learning environment and engaging students in all sorts of activities and live projects. This institute has proved its worthiness by providing best of ROI among the top B-Schools across.”

Vishal Tiwary – Dibrugarh

Placed in: Deloitte

“Experience at Jaipuria has been extremely enriching, it has been a balanced culmination of all the quintessential, whether it be the exposure or the managerial insights. The guidance provided here is one which truly enhances one’s indigenous skills and has left us with a bond to cherish for life”

Banmeet Kaur – Agra

Placed in: Amazon

“We don’t grow when things are easy; We grow when we face challenges!”

The two years in Jaipuria have helped me grow both professionally and personally. It has groomed me and has helped me widen my knowledge and broaden my horizon. The valuable insights shared by our professors have acted as a guiding force to take decisions in my life and career.

Niharika Singh – Jodhpur

Placed in: DELOITTE

“Its an amazing from the very first days of induction till getting placed with Deloitte. Each day was a moment to cherish, I am going to be missing my friends, daily classes and life after 6 .”

Manish Rajpal – Kota

Placed in: ITC Ltd.

“For me the guidance from my faculties and my placement Officer worked as an important tool for cracking my placement. Jaipuria has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people that enable me become successful in life.”

Hitesh Kriplani – Ajmer

Placed in: ITC

“The two years at Jaipuria is the important years of my life. The hostel life was one of the best part of this institute taht i’m going to missthe most. I got to spend more time at the campus and be a part of each and every activity. Jaipuria has prepared me very well in a step by step way for the placement process. Starting from aptitude classes to group discussions to personal interviews. For each and every round they have prepared me very well. “

Tanya Narwani – Bhopal

Placed in: Deloitte US Taxation

“Fantabulous PLACE , Jaipuria is not just a college or an institute, it is a family with highly experienced faculty and staff. One thing best about Jaipuria , Indore is its academics ,which makes a student be prepared corporate life.”

Aarya Gupta – Kanpur

Placed in: Deloitte

“3 things that I will miss – Faculty guidance, Inspiring atmosphere of the campus, Alumni insight on placement preparation”

Aman Chouhan – Kota

Placed in: Asian Paints

“In the present scenario, it becomes very important for student to learn business ethics, values of corporate world and Jaipuria institute of management is one such platform to enhance those qualities. My time in college has enriched my life in many ways.”

Ankit Pareek – Jaipur


“The friendly environment at Jaipuria is one thing that I am going to miss the most. The fun and frolic time which I spent with the teachers and my friends is going to be cherished for a life time. Above all the the constant support of the faculty mentor and the placement cell was of immense support.”

Ankit Sharma – Jaipur

Placed in: Asian Paints

“Jaipuria has helped me in every step from preparation to nomination to further guidance. Our Placement Team has worked day and night, not just for a month or two but from the very beginning of our academic year. Their sheer commitment helped me in my professional careers.”

Ayush Ajmera – Jaipur

Placed in: Deloitte

“My journey with Jaipuria has been full of learnings and memories. It has provided me a number of opportunities in both curricular and extra-curricular areas to enhance my skills and showcase my talent and knowledge.”

Shubhi Verma – Bhopal

Placed in: Deloitte US Taxation

“It was the place full of challenges which has helped me to improve by personality to face Corporate World.”

Ashi Gupta – Dausa

Placed in: HDFC Bank

“Amazing campus. From the very first day of induction till getting placed. Each day was momentous. It is a place where learning and fun go hand in hand. It has given me new direction, helped me come out of my comfort zone and excel in life. Class lecture, life after 6, the journey has been awesome.”

Arijit Patra – Asian Paints

Placed in: Asian Paints

“Experience at Jaipuria Indore is awesome. Residential campus, peer learning, mentors group, participation in club activities, motivation from faculty, class-room learning, winter and summer internship programme and the diversified culture is the best part here.”

Sonakshi Chadha – Jaipur

Placed in: Deloitte

“The institute provides every facility to its student to be ready for corporates. I consider the best decision of my life to be a part of this institute The faculties are always there to support and the mentor-mentee program helped me a lot. It has shaped me into a great human being and has given me an awesome start for my career.”

Siddharth Jain – Jaipur

Placed in: Deloitte

“The efforts which our placement team makes to help the student get placed is commendable. Because they give their whole time to the students for their preparation. They start it from the scratch and finish it till the end. “

Shubham Gupta – Jaipur

Placed in: Asian Paints

“A superb experience at Jaipuria. It is a place where learning and fun go hand in hand. It has given me new direction, helped me come out of my comfort zone and excel in life. Right from the days of my induction programme, class lecture, singing in events, the journey has been awesome. “

Saurabh Khandelwal – Jaipur

Placed in: ITC ltd.

“Jaipuria is the platform which not only provide you a quality education but also helps you to develop your whole personality. The guidance from placement team and faculties was the biggest factor as they were the positive motivation and always showed right path. “

Ruchi Gupta – Jaipur

Placed in: Deloitte

“Experience has been great. Lot of learning.”

Rohit Shivran – Sikar


“Practical learning always build a good confidence and it gave me exposure to showcase and present myself in the corporate sector”

Rhythm – Jaipur

Placed in: Jaro Education

“I entered in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur with nothing more than a dream and today I stand as a survivor armed with knowledge, skills and values to bring this dream closer to reality. I have got PPO i.e, Pre-Placement Offer that has become possible just because of my excellent performance during the SIP. This has become possible just because of these survival skills that I got at Jaipuria – Keen to Learn, No excuse for anything and Respect everybody.”

Ria Manchanda – Bhopal

Placed in: Deloitte US Taxation

“I got tremendous opportunity to groom myself. It has provided inordinate support from the faculty. There were few lessons which I learned in this institute that learning never ends”

Mayank Shirolkar – Dewas

Placed in: ITC

“A perfect place for a graduate student to kick start his career. Investing my parent’s savings and my time paid off in just one year of admission. I got placed in one of the top MNC, with a handsome package. Though the journey had many phases but there was learning and experience found in each and every moment of it.”

Insiya Ali – Bhopal – Ajmer

Placed in: Deloitte

“It’s a life changing experience filled with opportunities which had made me competent to achieve great heights. Jaipuria provided me a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance which had landed me a place called success”.

Divya Setia – New Delhi

Placed in: Deloitte US Taxation

“My experience at Jaipuria has been an all- learning one. Without a shadow of a doubt, the journey has been terrific. When I boarded the Jaipuria last year, there was: perplexity, conjecture and moments of anxiety, all at the same time. But, today I am a much confident person who is ready to test the waters of the professional world. At every stage, I have learned how to be professional in my decisions, how to prioritize my activities and channelize my energies in the right direction. Jaipuria has taught me not just Time Management but also, Energy Management.”

Arijit Patra – Kolkata

Placed in: Asian Paints

“Experience in my B-school was awesome. Residential campus, peer learning, mentors group, work with placement team and finance club, motivation from peers, class room learning, winter and summer internship programme, work with diversified culture is the best part here.”

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